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In this section, you’ll find an encyclopedia of advice on everything you want to know about sex, relationships, dating and romance, from the world’s top experts. In the top section, just type in any question, and you’ll find an answer that’s thoughtful, skillful and compassionate. No gimmicky advice here. Just the real deal, from the experts and researchers who know best.

For example:
He’s 20 minutes late. Should I leave?
We’re on our first date, she’s on her fourth drink. Is this a problem?
My boyfriend wants an open relationship. Should I say yes?
Does playing hard to get work?

You’ll be able to search or browse to find real intimacy-wisdom, solid research and answers to the questions you need to know–right now.

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Deeper Dating® Podcast – A wisdom-packed, research-backed toolkit for finding the love you seek. Here’s a library of all weekly episodes and transcripts

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Ready to take your intimacy journey to the next level? Explore our library of downloadable courses, hand-picked to offer only the wisest, most skilled and most solid teachers and teachings. Each of these life-changing courses will help you find love and keep it flourishing, and make you a better version of you at the same time. We can’t recommend these enough!

Deeper Dating Course® – Online course to learn to easily create a connection that goes BEYOND physical attraction & sparks a deep emotional bond

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If you’re looking for a live course with renowned and respected teachers of intimacy, browse through these options and see which might suit you best.

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COACHING: If you want to speak to a Deeper Dating® coach or mentor, check out our list of practitioners here:

PSYCHOTHERAPY: If you want to tackle deeper issues that might be holding you back from fining the love you seek, here’s a list of trained psychotherapist who specialize in relationships and dating,

PROFILE HELP: Looking for help with your profile? Here’s a list of caring, skilled experts to help you craft a profile that’s authentically you!