Deeper Dating Communities

Welcome to the Deeper Dating® Online Community Page

In this area you will be able to use forums to hold discussions with your fellow DDO community members on any topics relevant to the DDO community.
You will be able to help each other out in the dating world and support each other in all the choice-points challenges and milestones of your dating/relationship journey.
This can include things like tips on how to create a good profile or what to do on a first date.
Please note, this is NOT a place to talk about how dates went with a specific person. No names allowed here!

Find a Learning Partner

To assist in your dating journey, we have an encyclopedia of practical advice in the Advice Library However, if you truly want to speed your path to healthy love, don’t take this journey alone!

Research proves this out: if you want to change habits and gain skill, you’ll succeed dramatically more quickly if you have help. Here’s a way to do that which is free, fun and immensely effective.

Find a learning partner (otherwise known as a “dating buddy!”) With a learning partner, you’ll get support, fresh insights and encouragement from a peer who is also on the same journey.

If you are interested in being a DDO Learning Partner, simply click on the Learning Partner “Yes” button in your profile and then check out the list below of other members that have an interest in being a DDO Learning Partner. Review their profiles and Message them if you’d like to talk to them about being a DDO Learning Partner with you.

Please click on the button below to enter the Learning Partner Forum.  This will allow you to communicate with other Learning Partner members to find partners and talk about your Learning Partner journey.

Deeper Dating® Coaching and Mentoring

Having a Deeper Dating® Mentor™️ can speed and ease your journey to love in powerful ways. Deeper Dating® Mentors™️ have personally gone through a six month Deeper Dating® Intensive with me and have then taken a certificate class to become a Deeper Dating® Mentor.

Please click on the button below to get more details and a list of Deeper Dating® Mentors™️ who can assist you in your journey to find healthy, sustainable love.

Work with Ken

If you’d like to work more closely with Ken, you might want to explore his downloadable audio and video course

There are also opportunities to work much more closely with him and a small group of people in his six month Deeper Dating® Intensives.