Deeper Dating Mentors™

On this page you can find certified Deeper Dating Mentors™ who have completed a six month Personal Intensive and a three-hour Certification Class. Each of these Certified Mentors have unique gifts. Please feel free to contact any Mentor(s) you feel might be a good fit for you, until you find one who is the best match for you. Remember that, apart from the above qualifications, none of these mentors have been evaluated for their professional work by Ken Page or any representative of Deeper Dating®.

What is a mentor and why is it valuable to work with one?

Research proves, again and again, that if we want to change a habit or create a new one, one of the greatest keys to success is through a relationship with someone who can help support you and guide you, and help you do the hard but transformative work of rewiring. And there’s nowhere more important to do that than in the intimacy journey. Working with a mentor will deepen your capacity for love, help you get past unhelpful habits of relating, and help you develop new ones that have the power to change your future. Your Deeper Dating Mentor™ will help you discover and embrace your Core Gifts and learn how to lead with them in your search for love. There are few greater investments in your own happiness than that!

How Can I Find the Mentor Who Is Right for Me?

Research shows that shopping around is the best way to find the mentor, coach or therapist that is best for you. Give yourself the time to speak to as many people as you wish. Just look for that experience where your intuition says, “I feel that this person can help me.” Look for a sense of safety with the person, a sense of hope and inspiration. When you find that, your chances of success increase exponentially! Explore the persons credentials to help determine your best match. But also realize: credentials are not the only deciding factor! Each mentor has a different skill set, and a different focus; each has her/his unique way of bringing the life-changing work of Deeper Dating® into your life.

Congratulations on making the commitment to find a relationship that brings you joy, meaning and passion—and to learn the deepest lessons of love in the process.
Blessings to you on your journey……. And congratulations for making the commitment to invest in this most important of journeys!

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