Deeper Dating Practitioners

Keli N. Dean

We all face certain obstacles that stand in the way of having a fulfilling partnership.

What makes a healthy relationship? Mutual respect. Trust.
Honesty. Support. Fairness/equality. Separate identities. Good communication. Playfulness. How can you find a relationship like that? Find that part of you that has been displaced, bring love to those pieces of your personality that you’ve believed to be unwanted, and learn to accept your “shadow side.”

How do you go about doing that???

If you want a healthier partnership, a better sex life, and/or to (re)discover yourself…Keli can help.

Keli’s passion is working with individuals to discover the authentic self and helping clients move towards living a more fulfilling life, while thriving in loving relationships.

Keli specializes in Compassionate Communication skills, Relationship Enrichment, Mindful Partnerships, Conscious Dating, Pre-commitment, and self-expansion through relationship. As a sex therapist and Tantra-Informed Practitioner, she works to protect innocence & confidence. Keli is sex positive, LGBTQIA+ friendly, kink-friendly, and works with both, monogamous and consensual non-monogamous clients.

Charlotte Common

Charlotte Common is a Happiness Designer, motivational speaker, visionary, ordained minister and the author of The Magic Frangipane and the Shy Coconut. She travelled the world and mingled with a variety of cultures. Her multi-facetted
experiences kindled in her a passion for the evolution of
humanity. Charlotte’s life tells the powerful story of huge
transformation made possible. Her teachings are based on her own transformational journey from misery to magic. Charlotte’s spiritual life set her free from the shackles of the past.
Therefore, she is a trail blazer in supporting the unleashing of hidden potential in men and women of all ages.

With great passion Charlotte teaches her course

  • The Temple of My Soul
  • Exploring the Potential for Healing
  • A Life Damaged by a Distorted Body Image

This course offers an adventure of discovering the beauty of our own body. It is a journey to deepening self-love. It explores the possibility of healing old childhood wounds and transmute pain into fresh energy. Barriers can be removed to set a stream of flowing vitality free to reclaim what seemed lost.Charlotte’s excitement for a world, where ageless Gods and Goddesses fulfil their potential on a super happy treasure trail through life, is infectious.She believes that men and women are on a sacred journey exploring new ways of life, treasuring each other’s gifts, liberating each other, and evolving together. Therefore, it is also her big and exciting vision to bring the notion of LOVE into the corporate world. Having worked in industry and banking she gained an enormous understanding of the stresses employers and employees experience surviving in dark and heavy clouds.If you search for a new way of life, where all your dreams can be manifested Charlotte is the sentinel with you on your journey to explore the wonder of what is possible for you. She stands guard to the gateways for you to discover your soul’s true nature, so you can create more fulfilment, more courage and finally feel free to be your authentic self. Charlotte has the gift of seeing the bigger picture. Therefore, she teases you in the awakening phase with the Freedom and Potential Feather until you are ready to take off and explore an exciting, fulfilling, fresh and limitless life of abundance.

Tickle your curiosity, explore your amazing potential!

Anne Marie Polich

Relationship Coach, 30 Yr. Massage Therapist & Deeper Dating Mentor

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Upcoming Workshops

12-week Series Starting Quarterly (not January 2020).

A chance to explore an innovative approach to dating in a small group setting. This course is great for individuals who want to embark on a journey of relationship and self-discovery in an intimate groupand have the experience of sharing Deeper Dating exercises with a Learning Partner.

Lisa Botwinick

I am a 67 years young life coach for women over 50 who want to date again! My vision for you is to help you discover who you are, your passions, your truths, and then create your love manifesto! What is a love manifesto? Please contact me at to find out. We will also help you figure out what is holding you back and then reframe your limited beliefs to make your vision really come true! We will work together to help you feel more confident, secure, get out of your comfort zone, feel vulnerable, (men like that) to put yourself out there for the world to see that you have a lot to offer.

I offer a complimentary session of 45 minutes to find out if we are a match for a coaching relationship. If interested, please contact me at:

I have a free Facebook group for women over 50 who want to date again, so please feel free to send me a request to join. I already have 17 women in the group.

I post an empowering quote every day! The link is:

Finally, I will shortly develop a group of women over 50 who want to date again, so we can support each other which is so important! If interested in this group, please contact me at The group will be in-person in Manhattan, NY, and also online.

My web site is – so check it out!
Whichever way you choose to start your new year, it is all good and positive! You can build on where you are now!

Laimei Yeung

Laimei works as a Certified Hypnotherapist. She is passionate about supporting people in increasing self- confidence, resilience, managing stress, anxiety and breaking free from emotional trauma.

She has dealt with her own anxiety and emotional trauma, coming out the other side and really living the life she always dreamt of: a life filled with healthy relationships. She does truly believe in self-growth, personal transformation and bringing out the best in people.

My credentials

  • Certified RTT Hypnotherapist- Marissa Peer Rapid Transformation Therapy 2016 UK
  • Certified Nutrition Coach- Institute of Integrative Nutrition, NY
  • Certified Resilience and HeartMath Coach- HeartMath institute, California

For years she has written numerous blogs for the restaurant and several media. She has been featured in City Weekend, Super Nanny, Shanghai Family, Parents and Kids, Le Petit Journal, etc. She is the author of a holistic nutrition guide “Healthy Families” and is passionate about creating a community of people who want to have healthy, happy relationships.

Born and raised in Belgium and living in China for 15 years. Laimei is fluent in 5 languages: Dutch, French, English, Mandarin and Italian. She loves reading, traveling with her family, meeting people from different cultures and dancing

Prissy Barbour

Does your heart long to have that exciting, yet safe relationship that will finally be what you need?
Are you frustrated, or maybe you’ve even completely given up on love?

You’re finally in the right place.
I’m here for you if you’re ready. Together, we’ll use Ken Page’s Deeper Dating® program as a foundation for discovering your Core Gifts – the You that you are meant to be – so that you can truly relax into your partner’s loving arms.

With my guidance, we’ll explore what’s been in the way of the deep and lasting love you truly deserve.
You’ll be able to grow into trusting that your new Love Song is in harmony with your Authentic Self instead of out-of-rhythm and off-key.


Real Love is ready for you, so let's make sure you're ready for Real Love!

I’ve been a Somatic Therapist for over 25 years, using Expressive Arts andMusic Evoked Imagery with my clients. I also completed an intensive 3-yr training in Hakomi Body-Centered Psychotherapy, and I know much of your wisdom lives in your own precious body. I became a certified Mentor in Ken Page’s Deeper Dating® program because I wanted to bring out the best in people just like you who want real, lasting love.
You need an experienced coach if you want real results. I understand the challenges of being a single parent looking for love and of being over 50 & alone. Thanks to doing the Deeper Dating® work, I have finally connected with my exciting, powerful, protective and loving partner.

Take my hand … I can’t wait to work with you!