Deeper Dating Special Event: Integrating Spirituality and Intimacy

Deeper Dating Special Event: Integrating Spirituality and Intimacy

01/01/1970 @ 12:00 am

Deeper Dating Special Event: Integrating Spirituality and Intimacy

11/04/2021   7:00 pm - 8:30 pm (America/New York)

Admission: $20

We are so excited to offer a very new kind of Deeper Dating event for Gay/Bi/Trans men in the New York Metro area!

In this event, you’ll get to learn from Grant Shephard, an internationally-known teacher of meditation, intimacy, and tantra–and then you’ll get to meet, converse and connect with a group of wonderful men who all care about intimacy, personal growth and spirituality.

We love and trust Grant’s work deeply (we’ll tell you more about why at the event!) He’s the real deal; a highly trained student of meditation, and he’s a true joy to learn from. You’ll learn beautiful practices to deepen your capacity for real love and intimacy and get to have some wonderful conversations with great men. We hope that new friendships–and even new relationships will develop through this special event! So come join us!

Meet our speaker, Grant Shepherd!
For twenty years Grant traveled the world, living in Australia, the USA, and India, serving in spiritual communities dedicated to meditation and the enlightenment process. During this time, he received a Master’s in Studies in Religion from the University of Sydney, specializing in Kashmir Shaivism, an Indian tantric philosophy of Consciousness.
Grant delivers ancient Eastern spiritual wisdom grounded in modern practical teaching to diverse people, both singles and couples, in New Zealand and throughout the world. He offers a process that is practical, doable, and fun, with teachings and practices that bring beneficial and lasting change for his students.

What is Deeper Dating?

Deeper Dating is a revolutionary new way to find love co-created by Ken Page, psychotherapist, bestselling author of Deeper Dating, and host of The Deeper Dating Podcast, with his tech wizard husband Greg Romer. It’s all online–but it’s warm, fun, inspiring, and engaging. Imagine the warmth of a great gathering of single men–and a rich platform to connect afterward as well through video chat, instant messaging, and more. This may be the first online dating platform you’ve ever had that’s truly a feel-good experience!

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Deeper Dating Event Interesting Thoughtful People: Deeper Dating is an event for those who seek real, lasting, healthy love.
Positive conversations that inspire, engage and invite deeper connection.
Skills-training that helps you transform your search for love, from some of the most renowned experts in the field.
The opportunity to meet, message, video chat and connect after the event

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