THE SOCIAL Deeper Dating: For 20’s-30’s Colorado Singles (Opp Sex Event)

THE SOCIAL Deeper Dating: For 20’s-30’s Colorado Singles (Opp Sex Event)

01/01/1970 @ 12:00 am

THE SOCIAL Deeper Dating: For 20's-30's Colorado Singles (Opp Sex Event)

04/25/2021   7:00 pm - 8:45 pm (UTC)

In Partnership with The Social: Modern Matchmaking
$20.00 admission (ALL VIRTUAL-ONLINE!)

Deeper Dating ® is created by Ken Page, psychotherapist, bestselling author, and host of The Deeper Dating Podcast. It’s fun, inspiring, exciting, and engaging. And it’s optimized to help you find the kind of authentic love you desire!

Imagine the warmth of a great gathering of single people–and a platform to connect afterward for as long as you like.. It’s what so many of us have been waiting for. Deeper Dating and Ken’s work have been featured in The New York Times, Oprah, The Wall Street Journal, and more.

(Special note: This event fills very quickly for women–and less so for men! If you bring a guy friend to register for event, you’re guaranteed admission–even if the event has a waiting list. And you get a free ticket to an upcoming event! Bring two guys and your ticket for this event will be reimbursed as well! Just let us know.)

Before the event, you’ll fill out a unique profile that captures who you really are. In the live virtual event you’ll meet lots of great people, connect in pairs and small groups (pre-optimized for your closest matches!) and answer some wonderful questions, designed to create a sense of fun, closeness and connection. This may be the first online dating platform you’ve ever had that’s truly a feel-good experience!

We are thrilled to offer this event in partnership with Abby Rosenblum, the wonderful and insightful founder of The Social: Modern Matchmaking.

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Deeper Dating Event Interesting Thoughtful People: Deeper Dating is an event for those who seek real, lasting, healthy love.
Positive conversations that inspire, engage and invite deeper connection.
Skills-training that helps you transform your search for love, from some of the most renowned experts in the field.
The opportunity to meet, message, video chat and connect after the event

Featured in:

  • The New York Times
  • The Oprah Magazine
  • Psychology Today
  • CNN
  • Chicago Tribune
  • The Wall Street Journal