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Hi friends (of Ken’s) I’m hoping to make some new ones of my own – using attractions of inspiration only of course!

I’m Jayne. I’ve been listening to Ken’s podcast for a while, and really enjoyed the zoom event last night to meet some of his other audience members. Heard about study partners so thought I’d post here. I’ve ordered Deeper Dating and am waiting for it in the mail to arrive! Would love a female study partner or small female study group, to grow with. I’ve heard doing this in community like a posse group is the most successful way to rewire healthy “dating”.

I would appreciate if I found kind caring friends along the way. I’m in Georgia, though it really doesn’t matter where you are so much other than mutual study times. I’m a bit flexible on time. I do desire commitment and regularity though.

I prefer others who are willing to be visible and live out loud, with courage as I am doing the same even when it is really challenging. Looking forward to hearing from you and the possibilities.