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I’m so profoundly moved by your posts, people. You are all beginning to see patterns, terendously important ones, albeit so deeply painful. You ar facing what is, and beginning to find the “no” inside to attraction s of deprivations, and that is giving many of you new hope. Kandice, it is wonderful how clear these patterns are becoiming to you; hard to see and feel I imagine, but so important.Linda, the same words aply to you, as seen in that terribly hurtful response by your mother. Kelli, so glad you did the exercise and are focused like this. And yes its so hard to hold both the assertion and the kindness. I support you in a learning this new way; as they say in alanon, say what you mean, mean what you say, and don’t say it mean. James, you revealed so much more in this post..thank you!!

Another class member wrote a post too, with very similar themes–the awakening to patterns of deprivation and the struggle to create something new and different–a relationship really based on love and commitment.

She posted this as a separate topic, and she asked for feedback too, so if you could be sure to go there, that would be great.Talk to you all tonight–very much looking forward