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I have to say I am so impressed by the amount that everyone has been able to open up and for the braveness.  I really feel like you are all such great people who have taken the time to learn about yourselves and grow tremendously as a result!  I am really glad to be a part of this group.

This past year I have had several men in my life & I would always picture if I could be with any of them down the road.  One was a man I reconnected with from high school & dated long distance for 6 intense months (he was intense is what I mean); another was the contractor who worked on my house and we became friends and shared our sense of humor (which I love) – he had broken off his wedding but was still living with his girlfriend; another was the man I met while he was here on business (we continued to keep in touch for months after he went back to Florida and he was talking to me about his next trip out and taking extra days to just be with me – not work related).

The past 2 months (after taking this class) I have been thinking a lot about my core gifts and what I really need from someone, and also the deprivation versus inspiration ideas.  I sent an email out of the blue to the guy in Florida, essentially ending our contact despite the fact that I am still very interested in him (I want someone who is more available & more emotional and spiritual).  I became very clear on the fact that the guy from high school is not for me and have stopped corresponding with him (I want a guy who enjoys all people without critiquing, who is trusting, calm, shares my humor, and is not needy); and when the contractor came over for my superbowl party I had no feelings toward him, unlike in the past, and decided to stop inviting him to my events (I want someone available, and not so moody -sometimes he would be so funny & fun to hang out with and other times he seemed so down or crabby).

I have also noticed that I am finding it more difficult to be around one of my friends who always plays devils advocate & does not seem to be as supportive of the new career I am trying to get off the ground (Photography) – when my family and other friends have been extremely supportive.  I find myself really wanting to surround myself with positive, fun, adventurous people, who are not negative, critical or trying to bring me down in any way.  The past 6 months I have felt so great and open to new possibilities and I want to surround myself with people who have that same energy and appreciate me for who I am!