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Hi Everyone,

This class on attractions of inspirations and deprivation really hits home with me, as I am sure it does with you all.

I read through the exercises, and am planning to do them tonight, when my kids settle down. I may do them on separate days.

I have known a true inspired love relationship, and lost it because I couldn’t relocate to his city, and he didn’t wish to relocate either.

We broke up a year ago exactly. We are still dear friends, but he has met and gotten engaged to someone else locally, and I am left wondering when I will meet my life partner. I decided this week to pull out of the dating sites. There is no one on there that inspires me, and plenty that I am attracted to by signs of deprivation. I commit to the path of inspiration, even if it takes me the rest of my life to stumble on such a man. My psychic says it will happen in the next 2 years, LOL, so I have hope again !!!!

I just want to cheer everyone in the knowing that if we yearn for something in our life, we can have it, but maybe not in our timetable, because something greater than us is orchestrating that divine appointment ( hint hint). So this time in between is what brings me to my knees, and drives me to go within, to discover what programs are running this intense and passionate heart of mine. It has been an awesome year of discovery, of healing, of praying, of analyzing, of growing, Oh! how I have grown! in compassion, in listening, in understanding, and in softening my hard edges. Walls have come crumbling down. I am vulnerable and raw. My wounds are out in the blistering cold, and you, my classmates as well as Ken, are nursing me right up. I can feel my strength returning, my courage to face the uncertain future is increasing day by day. I embrace the unfolding journey ahead,  each day carries possibilities ! I was inspired to rent the movie ” The way” with Charley Sheen. I will watch that tonight as well. I also bought Shirley Maclain’s book,” the Camino”, because they are both related to this spiritual journey we are all taking, albeit right here at home.

Ok, I am off to do the exercises. Talk to you soon.