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Oh, Tara, what your friend wrote is so beautiful! I smiled as I was reading it. It’s funny because just looking at your picture a lot of what you described about yourself comes across. You seem positive and happy in your picture!

It seemed to me that one friend wrote what she sent me in a rush but I was grateful nonetheless. To be honest, taking this class has shown me that all of us are very strong and courageous to be willing to examine ourselves and our relationships so deeply. With all of the pain that most of us have experienced, I realize that it takes a brave and loving spirit to be willing to take this  level of inventory of our selves.

So, I don’t think you were a “chicken shit” (LOL) at all! You have been consistently brave in everything with t his class. Plus, it’s nice to have it in email because you’ll always have it in writing!!!




P.S. I wish I could share a photo but I couldn’t figure out how to upload!