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Hi All:

Thanks to you all for your amazing insights! I am Lisa from the LA ‘burbs. I am fairly new here and am struggling with connection.

I have mostly been involved with long-term relationships. I’ve been married once. We divorced after being together for 16 years. As can happen, the man I divorced bore no resemblance to the man I married. His behavior at the end of our marriage has left its scars. I can feel myself being more cautious now in relationships: less accepting and trusting. This openness is a core gift that still exists, though. I have also the gift of loyalty. I tend to be a very faithful and constant friend. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for someone in my inner circle.

In general, my gifts have been treated well, but when they aren’t, the pain is palpable.

My last relationship was with someone with a very different world view. Even though the end was inevitable, I felt helpless to prepare myself for the loss. I tend to feel so deeply and love so completely. I hate to close a relationship of any kind.

I won’t be on the (1/24) call until the very end, but look forward to hearing you all on the replay!