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I wanted to thank my classmates for all that they shared. I see aspects of my journey in theirs, and I am taking those in.

There are a couple of folks I wanted to comment back to:

-Tara, thanks for highlighting the phrase above. I feel that it was a deep insight I received as I was writing. I am reflecting on what you wrote as well, and admit that spirituality, love and sexuality are very intertwined for me too. What I want to learn is how to keep the ” boundaries” around sexual intimacy until the emotional intimacy is solid. I am hoping that we will look into this tonight, in class.

-Linda, I am so glad you have a picture here, because you are definitely a beautiful and radiant woman.  When we talk on the phone, I can sense your strength, your bright intellect and your bubbly personality. As you look at your perfectionism and kindness in this class, and examine both the gifts and the pain, hold on to the knowing that the people who are aligned with you will see all the great things that you are, and will love you for them.

-Steve, thanks for sharing from your heart, and for the link to Brene Brown’s TED talk. I have to practice being vulnerable with my potential mates, that is for sure!!!!