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I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s introductions. You all seem so brave and soulful. I love it!

Tara, I have to say that you seem so open and fearless in your self exploration. Is this because of your spirituality? Whatever it is I think it’s wonderful.

I forgot to mention that I recently ended a brief friendship with an ex-boyfriend who was married and getting too attached to me. He was saying he was unhappy and getting divorced,etc and I found myself  thinking of the things Ken mentioned in his article about attractions of deprivation (this happened before our course) and this person was NOT available. I think remembering that and really searching myself helped me get out of that entanglement before I got hurt. In the past, I would have lingered way too long. I think “myth of lost love” for me is the need to be chosen and to prove myself. I’m glad I saw this early in this situation.

Well, I was thinking of our class and how nice it is to have this forum.


Until tomorrow….