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Hi Everyone,

I missed the first call (but listened to the recording) so I have not introduced myself yet.  My story in a nutshell is that I had one person in my life I was completely in love with back in college (dated for over 4 yrs.).  After that I had two significant relationships – one being a 12yr. marriage.  After my divorce, which I initiated after trying every possible solution to make it work, I was very closed off emotionally until reconnecting with someone from my teenage years.  I learned a lot from that relationship but ultimately ended it a year ago.

I feel like over the past 6 mos. I have opened up tremendously and grown a lot.  One of the many steps toward this “new me” was signing up for this class.  Ken mentioned that some of these assignments he gives us may not seem like a large step but that they would shift our energy over time.  I have found this to be the case already.  I wanted to share a major step for me that has taken place.  I had met someone back in October who lived long distance, but decided to get involved with him physically right away (not typical for me at all) because I did not want to lose that part of myself, after being in a marriage that was void of affection.  When I joined this class I was a little hesitant because I was afraid that you would all be telling me to end this relationship.  Instead what ended up happening is that I ended it on my own a week ago (and it was not easy to do because part of me really wanted to continue to see him).  I really think that something has shifted in who I am looking for after doing these exercises and listening to Ken’s classes.

Also, I have really been enjoying the 5 minutes of meditation each day.  My experience the first time was very strong.  I felt like I was calling in someone who I already had a deep connection to & it made me very emotional for some reason.  In the span of two days (where I meditated and also when I spoke with my dating buddy) I heard from 3 men in my life that I had not been in communication with recently.  I just thought that was interesting & thought I would share.  I think your energy does get sent out into the world even if you are not speaking to someone in person, if that makes sense.  In other words, I think the meditation exercise can work like Ken said!

Hope all of you are doing well!