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One last thought….

The last time I went in for an HIV test, I asked them to also do a full STD screen (this was at Planned Parenthood).  I mentioned herpes and was told that BY POLICY Planned Parenthood of NY doesn’t test for herpes unless there is a visible outbreak, or the patient had experienced a visible outbreak, or the patient had unprotected sex with someone that they knew to be positive… the reason they gave was because the false positive result for the test is so high.

With that in mind (and trying to give your date the benefit of the doubt), you may be right that he didn’t know he had the virus.  Since he won’t take a call, could you email or text him and just state it outright in the message (as opposed to “we need to talk.”)  Also, I think that some clinics (like PP) can make calls for you.  I know they have services to do that for HIV, but perhaps they offer it for other STDs?  Something to look into.