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Thank you Tara, Maria, and Skrauseny for supporting me with your posts of kind words.

Tara – I agree with you that this could be a good opportunity to take things slow and really screen out people who are not right for me. I can remain conscious of not falling in love with anyone or become physically intimate too fast. When I eventually have “the talk” by then I should know if this person truly appreciates me for my core gifts and can accept me for me – HSV status and all.

I was able to talk to the guy and tell him about the HSV positive result. He had an ex that also called him a year after they broke up with the same news and his result was negative so he didn’t seem too worried when I called.  When I texted and left a voicemail to see if he had gotten tested there was no response. He may think that he got it from me because I was saying that I didn’t want to have sex. It is absolutely impossible for me to have had it before because I felt symptoms days after he penetrated me against my wishes, and have had 2 outbreaks since. I have since taken a variety of very effective medicationa and remedies and have not had any problems.

Maria- If there is a dating book out there, I have read it. I have read the Tao of Dating and it wasn’t too helpful for me, but I may have been going through a skeptical period of my life so it’s not a bad idea to revisit it. It definitely does not encourage game playing. The rates of HSV-2 (genital herpes) in New York City are higher than the national average — 19% of men, 39% of women. I have only lived here since April and he was the only New Yorker I was intimate with. The national average is 20%, with women being more susceptible.

skrauseny — Your kind words are very uplifting so thank you. I do want to bring a lot of good to the next relationship that I am in and really want to be aware of choosing a guy who will be supportive of the condition.

All of this really helps so thank you all again.  I did find out recently that I have a benign fibroid tumor on my uterus which could affect my fertility depending on where it is located. A regular ultrasound can’t identify the location but an MRI or Hysteroscopy will. 5 women on my mothers side have had fibroids and all successfully conceived. Mine is rather large so I am making drastic dietary and lifestyle changes to shrink it. At first it felt like one more thing that would make me less desirable to some because of the possible fertility effect but through my research the process of trying to shrink the fibroid would actually make me more fertile.