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Kandice – thank you for your supportive post. I too felt that my father’s dismissiveness about his wife’s antagonistic was unhealthy for my life that I cut all ties with him. There was a part of me that felt my father needed a negative repercussion to his actions and that hopefully he would realize that this woman was isolating him and negatively affecting his family relationships. I had hoped that he would choose real family over her. He never did. I thought to myself, having a positive relationship with my dad where I simply accept his choice would be better for me in the long run as far as having good relationships with men. However is a romantic relationship I would know where to draw the line on what is tolerable behavior.

I found out a few days ago that my father had a stroke and wasn’t even told until a week after it happened. I would have hoped that Suzy would put the past aside and contact me but it could have been more of my father not wanting to worry us as it was a minor stroke. I was concerned and hurt at the beginning but I am coming to understand know. My father did listen and understand that I was upset and we worked it out.

I can see that the HSV-2 diagnosis may have happened for a reason but the timing is so stressful. Yes it could force me to take things very slow and really screen people out before becoming physically and emotionally intimate with them. It’s just tough having that extra reason for someone to reject me when it has been a chronic problem without the HSV. But if someone truly loves you it shouldn’t matter.

Thank you for your kind words and keeping me in your prayers.