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I can totally appreciate your post.  I have been told by friends that I close the door too quickly on potential relationships and don’t fully open up (although I feel I am getting better at this the last several months).  I have also been told that I get in my own head too much, which it sounds like you are doing.  As soon as you recognized that this could potentially be something good, you began listing all the things he may find lacking in you.  I think it is great if you found a guy who has already been working on himself and is so aware spiritually.  I feel like you should definitely give this a really good chance and not worry about equal footing (you can’t know where he truly stands and all the things that you have to offer him that you might not even be aware of).  BTW:  I think you DO sound like someone who is a conscious, spiritual person….and could be just what he has been looking for.