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Hi All,

I haven’t done everything we’ve talked about, and I’ve sometimes had trouble finding time to get onto this site.  But, I think the ideas we’ve been discussing are just helpful and supportive.  So, this weekend, I almost effortlessly did a few things I’d not done so well in previous weeks.

First, someone in a store commented on the cute little dog with me, and we started talking.  We were having a nice chat, when his partner showed up. (I didn’t know he had a partner; if I had, I may have been a little less engaged right from the beginning.)  Well, I was  a bit disappointed, but ended up chatting with both of them.  After a while, we went our separate ways, but I remembered Ken’s comment about letting others know we are single.  Thinking that we never know who might be able to introduce us to special people, I said, “It was great to talk with you two.  May I give you my phone number?”  And, we’ve already exchanged two texts. Maybe we’ll become friends, and I’ll meet some of their friends….

Secondly, today I  attended a spiritual group’s service I’d been interested in checking out since…well…last year.  (Amazing, how I never seemed to find/make the time, even though I am busy.) Well, I heard some very beautiful messages there, and may go again.  Glad I’m opening up to possibilities.