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james stuart osbourn
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Sexual gifts and brave new steps, how to put down thoughts without ending up with some somnolent screed. I do know, sense, that when my sexual gifts are in play I feel stronger, I sing better, dance better, work out better, speak and read out loud better. I touch others, flesh on flesh, better. Activities- spiritual, physical, political I have embraced these all, for decades.  I never entered any of these spaces weighing  some sexual possibilities. Perhaps just the opposite I would own to be true. I don’t know, but I do know I have loved all these years the time with others. It has  not always been easy but humanly activity it has been.  More recently I did chance upon someone- in my square dance club- someone newly come to learn and I asked him would he like me to help. I knew I  had to allow myself to be open to any possibility, and so I did,  and for two years it continued. It ended but I am okay with this. One learns and moves on. For my brave new step I need to not be so shy in an encounter. I recall a moment on the subway,  not so distant, when a fellow  sat down  close by and made it obvious he was focused on me. He was delightful but I could only acknowledge his presence with some slight smile, not a word. I could have, should have done more.