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Once again, I’m so profoundly moved by your shares. And honored to be facilitating a group with each of you in it. I truly mean this.

Tara, I am on the same page with Marla..The Wave can happen in both directions: a feeling of unworthiness about ourselves when we feel our desire for the other, and a feeling of their unworthiness when we feel thier desire for us. It seems like you’re experiencing the former. I so agree with Marla, ( Marla,thanks for that beautiful share in support of Tara)  and with you–don’t flee if you can help it, just go step by step. And please let us know what happens!

When we strart to honor our gifts, small things begin to change pretty quickly. It’s up to us to embrace these changes.

Steve, your stories are cases in point as well, of small new changes you’re embracing. I’m so glad you stayed in touch with those guys.  Freindships of inspiration are the ground on which relationships of inbspiration can begin to bloom.

James, I adore what you said about what happens when your sexual self is acknowledged in your day to day interactions. The subway is a perfect example. You found a personal  key that moves you and works. Thats a guiding insoght. I hope you keep following it.

Misty, I’m so moved by what you wrote. It’s so important, so true., Its also a sign of things really opening up–a frozen place in your heart is beginning to thaw, magnificantly, but that thawing does hurt deeply at the same time. I encourage you to honor this shift in you–it truly is a sign of a softenin heart. Now, though, you must learn the human skills of greiving, which is connected to the emergence of your own nurturing instince, not given to you by your mother but developing in this journey.

Thank you all!