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Just getting ready for class and catching up on all of the posts… thank you everyone for sharing.  I have spent the last two weeks embracing my happy moments and realizing that I am blessed to have more than my share.  I too am an active dater who is more than happy to put on a show.  I’ve always felt that I did that because I was hard to get to know.  Maybe there are other reasons…  I have really been focused on relationships of inspiration vs. deprivation and I have found that many of my friends are in and look for relationships of deprivation.  I feel that my eyes have been opened.

My other thought this week was that people that are in relationships seem to have the quality of validation. They can act or say whatever they want and still be accepted.  Without that validation it is hard to be yourself because there is the fear that others will think or say, “no wonder she is single..”