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    james stuart osbourn
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    A moment ago (and then lost it in some technical glitch) I wrote that I too enjoyed the five min daily meditation. In the early morning I sit in a straight back chair and call upon a power greater than myself. I feel an intimacy always have and sometimes can be lifted up. I have not experienced the sexual intimacy that some of you have or had, and I do not know whether I ever shall. But I have experienced love and I know that to be good


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    Hi James,  I’m so glad you’ve experienced love–which is not surprising given what I’ve heard from you  in class–and I truly hope you do find happy, healthy intimacy down the road!   You deserve it.



    Hi James,

    Your meditation practice is so inspiring. I want to try to do more of that myself.

    I hope you find a special person that you can experience sexual intimacy with at some point. I have had a love relationship before and that made sharing that more wonderful. Someone with a loving heart like you will definitely appreciate that.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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