What happens at a Deeper Dating® Event?

First, you visit our website (Deeperdating®.com) and you register for an event that matches your location and demographics. Then you create a profile through a process that’s video-guided, and lets you show your best self through a series of dropdowns and open questions. Of course, the profile includes location, age, sexual orientation and match requirements—all the basics, as well.

That’s when you get your link to the Deeper Dating® event.

The event is live, and lasts about 90 minutes.

It begins with a short, highly engaging talk by Ken or another expert, presenting quick keys to help you succeed in this event—and everywhere else in your search for love.

Then the fun builds as you get to meet each other. Throughout the event, we’ll bring you onto a series of new breakout groups, ranging from groups of two to eight or more

While seeing each other on video (or JPGs) you’ll get to answer great questions that are fun, positive, engaging and show you in your best light (that alone is unique in the world of dating events!)

Tell about a favorite pet you’ve had. Talk about a best friend from your childhood. Talk about a book that changed your life.

The pace is quick and exciting but not rushed. And you can take notes–built into the platform–so you can remember details about everyone who interests you.

What you end up with is this: A truly feel-good dating event: A virtual dating event that’s more intimate, more fun, and less threatening than almost any in-person dating event.