Why Do Spiritual People Have a Harder Time Finding Love? An Interview With Arielle Ford [E004]

Arielle Ford is a worldwide bestselling author, relationship expert, and the producer and host of Evolving Wisdom’s “Amazing Art of Love” series. In this episode, she explains why spiritual people can have a harder time finding love–and offers her greatest insights for everyone who is seeking a soulmate relationship.

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Why Do Spiritual People Have a Harder Time Finding Love? Here is the transcript.
Why Do Spiritual People Have a Harder Time Finding Love? Here is the transcript:

Welcome Arielle Ford

And today we have our very first thought leader guest of this entire podcast series, and I’m thrilled that it’s my dear friend Arielle Ford. Let me tell you little bit about Arielle, and then, I’ll tell you a little bit personally about Arielle before we begin.

Personal growth and contemporary spirituality

So, Arielle Ford is a loving relationship expert, and a leading personality in the personal growth and contemporary spirituality movement, and for the past 25 years, she’s been living, and teaching, and promoting consciousness through all forms of media. She’s a speaker, and the producer and host of Evolving Wisdom’s amazing Art of Love series – that’s my word, amazing, because it is.

Her mission is to help people with finding love, and keeping love, and most importantly, being connected to what we will be talking about today, to be loved.

And Arielle is a gifted writer, and the author of 11 books, including the international bestseller The Soulmate Secret: Manifest the Love of Your Life with the Law of Attraction.

Note: For links to Arielle’s site and contact info, please scroll to the bottom of this transcript…

She’s just created the world’s first transformational coloring book, based on the Soulmate Secret, and it’s entitled Inspirations, Love by Design: Coloring the Divine Path to Manifest your Soulmate. And this book blends Arielle’s step-by-step method for manifesting and finding love with the romantic original artwork of artist Manja Burton. It’s a fun, creative and powerful process.

And she’s also the author of Turn your Mate into your Soulmate, which is devoted to exploring a simple, fun and effective way to attain groundbreaking shifts in perception, so that you can embrace and find the beauty and perfection in yourself and your mate.

And she has been called the Cupid of Consciousness and the Fairy Godmother of Finding Love, and she is. She lives in La Jolla California with her husband and soulmate, Brian Hilliard, and their feline friends. And you can join her newsletter at soulmatesecret.com. So welcome Arielle, so good to have you here. A: I’m excited to talk to you. This is really fun.

How Ken and Arielle first met

K: So, I just want to tell you a little bit about Arielle, and how she lives what she teaches. A number of years ago, I was in the search for a publisher for my book Deeper Dating. And I had loved Arielle’s work, and I knew that she was just the top leader in the field, and I called her, I don’t remember how I got your number, but I got her number. Total stranger, she had never heard of me. We talked like 45 minutes. She gave me the most incredible guidance. She connected with the ways we and our visions interacted. And she became what’s now a dear and lifelong friend. And so that’s just an example of Arielle kind of living an abundance of spirit that she teaches and really practices as well.

Our topic today: Is love harder for spiritual people?

is Finding Love harder for spiritual people?
is Finding Love harder for spiritual people?

So Arielle, today we’re to be talking about something very, very interesting. And it’s a subject that you wanted to speak about, and it is, is finding love harder for spiritual people? And I’d like you to share anything you want about this topic in general, so that we can kind of dive in from there.

A: Yeah, you know, so I’ve been teaching this for over 10 years now, and I’ve noticed a pattern both in the people that came to my speaking events or my workshops, and, I mostly get a lot of straight women, that’s my core audience, they tend to be over forty, they tend to be smart and successful, and identify themselves as spiritual. And deeply troubled when it comes to finding love and keeping love. So, I’ve spent a lot time observing and talking to them, and trying to figure out, why is it so much harder for these smart, successful, spiritual women. And what I’ve discovered is a couple of things.

Conflating healthy lifestyle and spirituality

The first is, how they define spirituality. It seems like today a lot of people have conflated healthy lifestyle and healthy living with spiritual path.

So a typical day for some of them might be that, you know, they wake up, they drink, they make an organic green drink. They get a Hot yoga class. They stop at Whole Foods later in the day for some organic healthy thing to eat. They might go to a Soul Cycle class. They are reading Deepak Chopra.

But they are constantly beating themselves up. Very judgmental, not only when it comes to themselves, but to other people. And they somehow have decided that they want a spiritual man.

And when I ask them to define what is a spiritual man, they say to me, “Well, someone who meditates and practices yoga.” Now, that’s, that does not define a spiritual man. So, for me spirituality is the very practice of giving love, and kindness, and compassion, and service. And none of the things that I’ve described had anything to do with finding love, kindness, compassion or generosity or service. K: That’s right.

Living a life of purpose

A: And certainly, I think what these women most want, is not a spiritual man. They want a conscious man. And a conscious man is man who lives his life on purpose. So, he may never mediate, never do yoga, never drink the green tea, never has heard of Deepak Chopra or Marianne Williamson. You know. But he’s very kind to his friends and family. He may be coaching Little League or volunteering for Big Brothers Big Sisters and more than anything, he wants to devote his life to your happiness.

Now, doesn’t that sound better than his just going to meditate?

A: And you know, if he meditates and he does it because he wants to deepen his connection to the divine, that’s wonderful. But a lot of people are meditating because they think they should. And then they have all kinds of guilt because they didn’t meditate or they don’t do it for the full twenty minutes or whatever it is. So, first we have to understand that if we’re going to find a spiritual being, we have to start with ourselves. And by starting with ourselves, that means we have to start managing our thoughts, and our beliefs and our emotions. So that when we start to beat ourselves up, we stop. And we look into the mirror, and we start to learn to love ourselves more.

Healing some core wounds and finding your core gifts

A: The other thing I’ve noticed is that many of these people that call themselves spiritual, are not only judgmental to themselves, but judgmental about everybody else.

K: Because that’s how it works..!

A: You know. And I think part of the reason for that is, ah, you know, we come into this life with core wounds. And then if we have half a brain, we want to figure out, how do I heal this, how do I stop being somebody who has a fear of abandonment…whatever the core wound is, you know. And, ah, so that’s where it all gets kind of messy for me. You know. I am one of these people. And you’re a therapist, maybe you disagree or agree with me.

Core wounds can be a gift

I actually believe that our core wounds are a gift. I think they are the reason we’re here. I also believe that no matter how much work you do in yourself, you can learn to manage your core wounds, you can learn to pacify yourself, you could possibly even get ninety percent better. But at the end of the day, it’s never going away freely.

K: Absolutely not. And I deeply agree with that. And I believe that what I call our Core Gifts, are surrounded by our deepest wounds. They join together into an amazing matrix that equals being human. And what you’ve talked about is the way to get to the heart and soul of that matrix. And it’s through kindness and it’s through love. So, that this kind of spiritual approach that you’re describing is the same as like, getting perfect glutes and perfect abs, but just in another arena, and it’s a bypass of the thing that matters most. Which I think is a huge part of your lesson.

So, what would you say to all of these women, and all of these men, and this includes people of all sexual orientations, gender identities, everybody. What would you say to this kind of whole crew of single people who care deeply about spirituality, but need to learn to decenter from beating themselves up and judging themselves and other people, and shift to a path of finding love, that’s based on these values. Give us advice.

Where you can begin to start finding love in your life

A: Well, you know, I happen to be married to a man that I consider a heart chakra on legs. He’s told me many times that his purpose for being alive is twofold. The first, is to take care of me. And the second, is to make sure that everybody he comes in contact with, has the experience of being loved. That’s his reason for getting out of bed in the morning.

A: So, there is a line in the Course in Miracles, which I just love, and it says:

The only thing that could be lacking in any situation is that which you’re not giving.

The law of attraction

So, if you’re saying that love is missing, where can you begin to get more love in your life? So, that’s part one of it. Part two is, all my teaching is based on the Law of Attraction. And Law of Attraction 101 states, that we draw to us the people, places and experiences that match our state of being.

If our state of being is, I’m lovable, I’m loving, I’m deserving of love, I’m lucky in love, that’s most likely what you’ll see will show up in your life.

But if your state of being is, I’m a loser in love, I’m unlucky in love, I’m completely unlovable, undeserving of love, that too will be your experience.

A: Going back to our Course of Miracles, is, you know, the only thing that could be lacking in any situation, is that which I am not giving.

So I believe the place to begin is by making a list of all the people that you know already love you, you know, friends, family, siblings, kids, parents, neighbors, coworkers, make a nice long list.

A daily practice of gratitude

And then create a daily practice of gratitude for all the love you already have. Because when you’re in the state of, Oh God, I am so blessed, I have all these people who love me, and it focuses on the abundance of love you already have, that is when your heart becomes magnetic to romantic love.

K: I love what you’re saying, Arielle. And I want to add in a third category, of a kind of condition that we can find ourselves in, and ask for your thoughts on what to do when we’re in that state. That’s not the state where we are really, really negative and shut down. It’s not the state where we are open and loving. It’s the state where we are just hurting, feeling human, feeling burned out, feeling like our resources are limited and we’re not going to be able to shift right into this gratitude filled happy zone.

What do we do when we are in that state which does comprise a chunk of our lives?

A: That is a normal state. Which is why I believe in creating a spiritual toolkit, so that, when you’re in that state you can shift yourself out of it. So, I’ll tell you what’s in my spiritual tool kit. I like to do EFT tapping. K:Love that…!

A: I think it’s great. You can learn how to do for free on the internet. Just Google EFT Tapping. Lots and lots ways to do it… K: And lots of research on that too!

A: Yes, really great stuff. I like the Sedona method, which is a method of self talk, which is also highly learnable.


I also do what I call Feelingizations, and these are available for free at my website. If you go to soulmatesecret.com, and click on free stuff, you can get thousands of things for free, but what that is:

Oh, I am visualizing, I want a new navy blue convertible BMW, and I see myself driving down the freeway with the top down, and I can smell the leather seats, and you have all these beautiful pictures in your head.

But on the emotional level, what you’re feeling is, I can’t afford it, I don’t deserve it, it’s never going to happen, and that thought cancels out, all the pretty pictures you just made.

Leaving your head for your heart

So in the Feelingizations, what I do, I guide you through leaving your head, dropping down into your heart, and remember and re-experience points of love and appreciation, and gratitude. And when we do this with our attention in our hearts, we drop into a measurable, scientific state known as heart coherence. And when we’re in the state of heart coherence, that’s when the manifestation can take place.

So, in a couple of minutes we’re in this state of love, and then if your desire is to meet and marry your soulmate life partner, then you can drop that into your heart, and using your imagination, how am I feeling at a deep soul level. I want to take it one step further, you can actually meet your soulmate today, by doing the Feelingization on my site, called the golden cord, because in the world of quantum science, there is a couple of things that have been proven.

One is that time does not exist, this now moment, there’s no past, there’s no future, there’s just this now moment. But we also know is that in quantum science we all exist in the field, and in the field, we’re already connected to our soulmate life partner. If you drop down in your heart, and you go into the field, and you’re in this high frequency state of love, and appreciation, gratitude, you can send a golden cord out to your beloved, even though you don’t know who he or she is, or his or her name or where they live, you can meet them before they show up in the 3-D world.

Love before first sight

You can start a relationship today, and you do that by talking to them heart to heart. So, this is what I like to call love before first sight.

K: I love that. And you practiced this manifestation in your own life to meet Brian, didn’t you?

A: Yeah, everything I teach, only came about because it’s what I did. You know, I didn’t wake up one morning and said, OK, I’m going to become a love expert that was like, not on the to do list anywhere, ever. I worked in publicity and publishing most of my life. And it was only when I decided to manifest a soulmate for myself, and made it work really well and really quickly, and people started asking me how I did it, and one thing led to another, and now this is what I do, I get to teach love for a living, it’s such a blessing, as you know.

Deeply sensitive people

A: I love that. I love that. Let me ask you another question about spiritual people, and I want to kind of shift the word there to deeply sensitive people, because in my experience often when we are deeply highly sensitive, we need to protect ourselves, and sometimes we can protect ourselves inside a world of spirituality and personal growth without realizing because that there’s a fear that’s is stopping us from getting out there. So, I’d like to hear any of your thoughts…

A: Yeah, I’m an HSP. I’m just driven crazy by bright lights and loud noises, and crowds. I had to learn to how manage that, and manage.

K: For those people who don’t know how to reach out yet, want a quiet, safe space, but also know that they need to get out there to date. Any thoughts that you want to share for them and how to…

About intuition

A: There’s two things. First, let’s talk about intuition. OK. Because for spiritual people and sensitive people tend to be intuitive. And they make a huge mistake when it comes to dating, because they rely on their intuition to help them find love. And that’s the worst thing you can do, because you cannot be your own intuitive, like you don’t want to be your own lawyer, or your own doctor. OK. What you need to know when it comes to manifesting love, is you have to be very practical. There are practical things to consider. So, women have this crazy belief, “If my soulmate comes to the front door and I open the door, I’m marry in twenty seconds whether or not he’s the one.”

K: And let me just say, men as well. Without a doubt.

A: But sometimes men do know. I’ve met more men that have known, but I’ve very rarely meet women who do know. And the reason is because for men’s and women’s brain are wired differently. And so women fall in love between their ears. And they actually need to take the time to get to know a man or get to know a woman, and get to know their values. And in my research of interviewing so many couples, it usually takes them to up the fifth date before a woman even starts to really feel chemistry.

K: I love that, and that’s so important. And guys and want to tell you. That even though you know if you’re attracted to someone or not, right of the bat, that can grow, and the research backs that up as well, and you have some very interesting research on that, Arielle as well.

Second chances

A: Yes, you really got to take your time and give people a chance, you know. My friend Carol Allan has this great line, she says, that if you go out on a first date with somebody, and they didn’t a hundred percent gross you out, then give them a second chance. All of us get nervous on first dates…

K: Absolutely. I remember speaking to a mentor of mine, and I was dating someone, and told John, I said, you know, I liked him, but I wasn’t that attracted. And I don’t know if I should see him again, is that wasting time. And he said to me, keep dating him and over time he will either become more beautiful to you or he won’t, and then you’ll know. And I just loved that.

Super hot chemistry?

A: And the other thing to remember is that if you meet somebody, and there is this super-hot chemistry right away, run, just run, that’s not real. Let’s talk about what love really is. K: Oh, please do.

A: So, most people think that love is just a feeling. And there are feelings to love. But when you’re in that state that we call being in love, I’d like to call that the social acceptable form of insanity. It’s a drug high. It’s dopamine, and adrenaline, and oxytocin, and all kind of other things that I can’t even pronounce, cascading through your brain, it’s actually nature’s trick to get us to procreate. That’s not love. Love is a behavior. It’s a practice. K: And an intention… A: Truth. A decision, an action.

A: And when you’re with your soulmate life partner there will be days. I guarantee it, when you don’t like them, you even hate them, but doesn’t mean that you don’t love them… K: So important…

Understanding real adult love

A: It’s really important to understand what real adult mature love is. All you care, intuitive people, can’t really trust their feelings in the beginning. Now, there is one caveat to that. If you’re getting a feeling like you’re in danger, there’s a strong red flag, I you had felt something and heard something, before you run, question the person because you may be misinterpreting them, don’t make assumptions, you can just easily say, “Wow, I just heard you say ABC, did you mean XYZ?” And get clarity, because you may have misheard them and misunderstood, you know, so it’s important not to put yourself in danger. It’s more important to ask good questions.

K: It is. And you know, there’s a question that we can ask of ourselves, that I think bypasses that state of hypnosis, and the question is this, does my soul feel safe with this person? And you don’t know right way, but it’s a great intention question, because over time, you will. And that’s a way of kind of get to that deeper intuition at the same time…

When to introduce your family and friends

A: And if you dated someone more than five times, that’s a good time to start making sure your friends and family meet them, because they will see things that you can’t see…

K:They sure will. That’s right. And if you’re open to listening, they’ll tell you in a New York minute. A: Right, and probably you won’t listen!

K: That’s right, and you and I doing the work that we do, have had that experience so many times… A: That’s why I am not into coaching anymore because it just drives me crazy…

A: Oh my God! You’ve just wasted an hour of my time, I told you everything that’s’ going to happen, and you went for it anyway, so I just gave up coaching, cause I just don’t have the patience…

Connected to love

K: Arielle, I am going to ask you another question, because what you’re saying in a way, is that so much of this work, is to put yourself, I think you’re saying, is to put yourself into the space where love can hit you, where you’re in love, where you are loved, a comfort zone where you’re connected to love, and that’s the primary task. And I am going to ask you, if I could, if you’re willing to describe, when you’re going into that state, what is like for Arielle?

A: Oh, that’s easy. When I am being loved and experiencing love it feels like there’s Champagne bubbles running through me. It’s just this really happy bubbling, vibrant feeling,you know, when Brian and I are together, and we’re just in synch, we don’t even have to be talking, it’s just this kind of nice mood, right together, you know, he’s there for me, I’m there for him, and it’s just, I call him my safe place to land…

Arielle’s advice on online dating

K: I love that. I love that. Arielle, all the listeners out there who really care about growing, and learning, or they wouldn’t be here, and deeply want love in their lives, or they wouldn’t be here, what would you most want to tell them to do?

A: Get online, start online dating. It is the number one place to meet somebody, one in three marriages now start online. There’s been some new research, which I haven’t been able to a hundred percent confirm yet, but basically they all show that fifty percent of those marriages end up in divorce, and the numbers go up from there. An early study showing, that people who meet and marry online, the divorce rate drops to eight percent, because people who are looking for love, are out there looking for love.

Now, are there pitfalls to being online?

Absolutely. Are you going to meet some liars and some lizards? I guarantee it… K: Does online dating sculpt jerky behavior? Without a doubt…

A: I don’t, I don’t exactly know that, but it wouldn’t surprise me. I’ll tell you a quick story. I have a girlfriend named Liz, and when she was forty nine, and never married, she decided that she was going to go online for a year, and that if she didn’t find her soulmate, she was just going to mortgage her house to hire a match maker. And Liz went to Match.com, and I’ll talk more about that for a second, and she had seventy nine first dates in nine months, a very busy successful woman, who has been studying the same people we like forever.

Seventy nine first dates, and number eighty has now been her husband for seven years.

K: I love it. That’s practical advice. That’s really practical advice. But I want to ask you if you could distinguish between places like Match.com and geo-social apps like Tinder that have like.

A: I actually can’t, but here, what I can tell you from experience, that I’ve had seven friends, all women over fifty, who have met conscious, fabulous, successful adorable men, and marry them from Match.com. And I’ve heard that E-Harmony is also very good, if marriage is what you’re looking for. I’m not a dating expert when it comes to Tinder or Bumble, although I have a friend who met her husband on Tinder, she was forty, and she was a triathlete, and that was one of her must-haves, he had to love God, and be a triathlete and have high integrity, and she just had her second baby…

Ritual aspects of online dating

K: Wow. Arielle, this is very you. You’re really practical. You’re really down to earth, and you’re saying, folks, get on to online dating, it’s the easiest and quickest way, and use it. In the most conscious way you can.

A: And this how I’d use it if you’re a spiritual person.

A: If you are a spiritual person, my friend Lara Fernandez teaches this, make it a ritual. Carve out thirty minutes every day, and before you get online, light a candle, have some flowers, smell some aromatherapy, say a prayer, do it a little process and make it a spiritual experience. Just like you would sit down to meditate, you’re sitting down to ask God and all your ancestors on the other side, and all our angels and devas to help you search the site that you’re on to find your soulmate.

Don’t wait for them to find you

What I’d suggest to woman in particular is, don’t sit around waiting for someone to find you. Be super proactive. Get out there and start reading profiles, and when you find a profile that there is at least one thing that you like, that you respond to, send that person a message, it only needs to be one sentence, so let’s say, I find your profile, Ken, and it says there that your absolutely favorite food is the Hawaiian Pizza at Tony’s. And that’s actually my favorite pizza too. So I can send you a one sentence message, that says, hey, Ken, I think we’re pizza soulmates, I also like the Hawaiian Pizza at Tony’s. Period, not another word. And of course they are going to look at your profile, and if they are interested, they write you back. And there you can start the conversation.

Searching for shared values

K: I love it. And you know, another thing that you could do along the lines of what you’re saying, you can do a search for spiritual words. You can do a word search a keyword search for #spirituality, for #volunteer work, for #nature, and that’d help you find people who share values with you really quickly…

A: And I wouldn’t use the word spiritual, and here is why, because it means different things to different people, and spirituality, as we’ve just discovered isn’t the same as a life style, doesn’t tell you enough about their values, if they were true, you know who Russell Simmons is, he has written lots of books on yoga and spirituality, and is being indicted for four rapes right now. Just because someone meditates or does yoga, is zero indication that they share your values.

A: Right, but that’s true with volunteer work, and anything else as well…

Finding what contributes to your happiness

A: Yeah, and you really have to ask yourself with these keywords is, so my friend Shanda, who had to have someone who is a triathlete–triathletes are maniacs and you have to understand their compulsion to exercise fifteen million hours a week. You know, figure it out–what is the one or two things, the value, that is going to contribute to your long term happiness, you know, think through that, because just because someone meditates, listen you can meditate with somebody every day, but you both can have your eyes closed, it doesn’t really contribute to your long term happiness.

You know, if you are somebody who absolutely has to live through the beach, and you know that, look for that, must love beach. Or, like I am a cat lover, I try but I’ve had cats my whole life, I could never be with somebody who is allergic to cats, no matter how nice they are. And I also love adventure travel, so I couldn’t be with someone who doesn’t have a passport. You know, so really think about, what are the “three most haves”, and search that way.

Finding your “must haves”

K: And what I would encourage everybody to do is to stretch in your must haves, and ask yourselves this, if there was somebody who was your soulmate, but they didn’t have that one quality, would you say no to them? And if the answer is you wouldn’t say no to them, then you might want to reconsider stretching, because the universe protects in situations where the people we expect are not the people we get. My husband, perfect example of what you’re saying, doesn’t meditate, he doesn’t do yoga, he doesn’t do any of those things…

A: And Ken, I don’t do meditate or do yoga, but my husband does. Imagine if that was…

K: A prerequisite…

A: Yeah, I’m not a spiritual person? No. I definitely am a Jewish-Christian, Hindu-Buddhist-Pagan. And I have lots of rituals that I do all time. I am a spiritual mutt. But if he says, must do yoga… We wouldn’t be together…

K: So this is something about opening up your field of reference, being open to being surprised by life. And that comes back to your original premise, which is don’t have models of what you have to have, but actually, take you out of your heart.

A short deal breaker list

A: Yeah, I also say is good to have a short deal breaker list… Well, I’m allergic to tobacco. I could never be with a smoker and remain healthy. K: Not an option…

A: Very difficult. So, one of my must haves is, or was, and still is, must live a healthy life style. That takes care of all things, addictions, smoking, you know, super risky behavior, you know, and another thing is that , giving that poverty consciousness is my core wound, I knew I needed someone who was financially responsible. So, I am not dictating how much money they make or don’t make. But, whatever money they have, I needed somebody who could be financially responsible with that much.

K: Yes, yes. So important too. So, that you’re not triggered. And each of us has our own triggers, whatever they are…So Arielle, do you have any closing thoughts, for folks that are highly sensitive, or spiritual or just care deeply about personal growth, and are longing for a relationship? And are listening to this episode, and listening to you. And in a few minutes I’m going to ask you to tell about how people can get in touch with you.

Last words from the heart

K: But for now, any last words from your heart that you may want to share with this learning community?

A: You know, here’s what I know for sure. Right now there are seven point six billion people online on the net. Half of them are single.

You’re virtually tripping over potential soulmates every single day.

And the reason we don’t recognize them is because you are not paying attention, and you’re not making yourself visible. You may be out in the world. You may be standing up in line at Starbucks, but if you’re looking down on your smartphone, that sends a very clear signal that you’re not available.

So it’s really critical that you make yourself visible.

And at every level. When you’re getting out of the house, that you’re online dating, you’re going to meet-ups, you’re telling everybody you know that you are open, willing and available for a long term committed relationship, and do they know anybody. And then you start putting yourself up there. And yes, there will be days when you’re terrified. So what? You know. Yes, you’re going to have some bad dates. So what?

You know, my friend Evan Mark Katz has this good line, he says to people, did you ever to out to dinner and have a bad meal? Of course, everybody says yes. And the next question is, but did you stop eating?

A: And I say, don’t stop. Put yourself out there, just like my friend Liz had seventy nine first dates, number eighty was the grand prize. And he’s absolutely perfect for her. And they couldn’t be happier.

Where to find Arielle’s work

K: Arielle, those words were so wonderful that I wish I could frame them. Every word counted. I think that you captured in both the most practical and sparkling way possible what everybody should be doing. I can’t thank you enough for being part of the show. And I’d like to ask you, how people can learn more about your work, how can they get in touch with you, and how they can learn from you, where do they go to do that?

A: It’s all in my website, soulmatesecret.com. And in my live speaking events are listed there, if I have stuff coming up, there it is. And also go to the free stuff tab, and get the Feelingnizations and start doing those. I only do three weekends a year.

So my next one on will be in February at 1440 Multiversity, which just outside San Jose, it’s the newest retreat center, it’s kind of like Four Seasons meets Omega. It’s fantastic.. And then I’m in Chicago for one day.

But, I’m easy to find, I’m also on Facebook at facebook.com/soulmatesecret. And what I really want to tell your listeners is listen to you, listen to Ken, because he knows what’s he’s talking about.

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Finding love with Ken Page's book called "Deeper Dating"
Finding love with Ken Page’s book called “Deeper Dating”