The 5 Toxic Dating Myths Everyone Needs to Reject [EP086]

Sadly, many of the most toxic, misleading and ineffective dating myths are taught everywhere–and are almost universally accepted! In this episode, I’ll take apart 5 of the biggest pieces of toxic dating advice and show why they will actually lead you away from love –and straight to insecurity. You’ll also learn much more effective ways to find love that don’t ask you to contort yourself into ways of being that just aren’t authentically you.

How To Discover Your Intimacy Shadow [EP085]

All of us have essential aspects of ourselves that we’ve learned to hide or suppress in order to protect ourselves. When we claim these “shadow parts,” we profoundly increase our capacity for love and we find access to a tremendous sense of personal power. In this episode, you’ll learn to identify your own intimacy shadow and use it to lead you to love – and your own unique life-genius.

How We Can Invite Love Back [EP084]

Why can love so easily feel like it’s gone into hiding? And what can we do to invite love back? Why does even solid love often feel less than solid? In this episode, we’ll learn ways that help us connect more consistently to the love inside us, and the love inside the people we care about.

The Two Questions You Need To Ask About Your Relationship [EP082]

This episode teaches two essential questions to ask yourself about any relationship. These powerful questions have the ability to deepen and transform almost any relationship— including your relationship with yourself. Just answer the questions silently to yourself as you listen to the episode, and you’ll come to a much deeper, more helpful understanding of that relationship—and of yourself.

5 Questions That Will Illuminate Your Path To Love [EP081]

These 5 questions truly will illuminate your path to love. Just answer them as you go (no need to write anything down), and by the end of the episode, you will understand some of the most profound truths of your life journey and your search for love. In the words of Chip Conley, “A question, thoughtfully conceived, can illuminate a room, a company, a life.” Let’s do this together!

3 Powerful Hacks To Help You Find Love Online [EP080]

These powerful hacks are designed to help you find love online more quickly and with less pain! Each will help you learn important lessons of dating and love, and all of them will support you in becoming someone who loves more deeply and more wisely. Join Ken Page in this episode and you’ll finish it with a much richer understanding of your own next steps in your intimacy journey.

The Single Greatest Resource In Your Search For Love [EP079]

There’s a resource in our search for love that trumps absolutely everything else: it’s our intuition! But sometimes, what feels like intuition is just bad judgment laced with really clever rationalizations! How can we learn to trust our intuition more fully and wisely? And how do we know when we’re better off not trusting our gut? Learn more in this important episode.