What is Deeper Dating Online?

Deeper Dating® Online is an unprecedented new way for single people to meet, created by Ken Page, LCSW, a respected psychotherapist, author and relationship expert and Greg Romer, an expert in emerging technology an online dating event which truly is a game-changer for the vast, ever-growing world of online dating.   It’s like online dating, […]

What happens at a Deeper Dating® Event?

First, you visit our website (Deeperdating®.com) and you register for an event that matches your location and demographics. Then you create a profile through a process that’s video-guided, and lets you show your best self through a series of dropdowns and open questions. Of course, the profile includes location, age, sexual orientation and match requirements—all […]

What happens after the event?

After the event, you’ll get a link to the group page. Here you can look at everyone’s profile, direct message each other through an easy messaging system, and actually create one-on-one video chats with each other (with mutual consent!) In addition to possible finding amazing people for dating, you’ll also be able to make friends, […]