How to Discover Your Life Mission

In this lecture, I will teach participants how to use their Core Gifts to discover their life-mission; the place where “their great joy meets the worlds great hunger” using a dynamic, and inspiring three stage model.

The first stage of discovering our life-mission is through valuing and developing gratitude for what we already have. Participants will explore and discuss the greatest gifts in their lives. Doing this creates a new sense of positive direction, and illumines the most direct path out of the hardships and complexities of their lives.

The second stage is becoming brave and honest enough to articulate your mission. And the third stage is finding a community of support—people who honor and celebrate your vision, and will support you in bringing it in to fruition.

This lecture will take participants through each of these stages, and through the exercises and processes I’ll lead people through, each participant will leave the workshop with a much clearer understanding of their own personal life-mission, and the beginnings of a new community of support.